Toddler, Preschool, and Primary Classrooms

The Early Childhood Program at Garden includes a Toddler classroom (two and three year olds), a Preschool classroom (three and four year olds), and a Primary classroom (four and five year olds). Three or more teachers are assigned to each group, with one licensed teacher in both the Preschool and Primary classrooms. The Garden Montessori classroom environment encourages children’s natural desire for independence and the development of self-esteem. Teachers guide children in making choices from the materials and also give individual and small-group lessons during work time. The classroom has an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring where children develop kindness, courtesy and self-discipline. Montessori education strives to awaken the young child’s spirit and imagination and results in self-motivation, independence and an ongoing love of learning.

Early Childhood Curriculum Areas

  • Math: Counting, number recognition, addition and subtraction
  • Language: Oral communication, comprehension, writing and reading
  • Sensorial: Matching, categorizing, grading and sorting
  • Practical Life: Organization, independence, self-esteem, and both small and large motor activities
  • Spanish: Beginning vocabulary, songs and culture
  • Science: Life, Physical and Earth sciences
  • Art: Creativity, appreciation, beginning techniques
  • Geography and Cultural Studies: Maps, countries, people
  • Music: Songs, appreciation, movement
  • Computer: Keyboard and mouse skills, educational games

“My family has been a part of the Garden family for six years now. In 2009, I visited and observed at least twenty preschools trying to find the right fit for my daughter, Chloe. The minute I walked into the preschool classroom at Garden, I knew this was the place for us. The teachers are caring, creative, and willing to meet each child academically, socially, and emotionally right where they are. Individualized education is evident at Garden.”  Jen Bilbrey, parent


The Toddler and Preschool day begins at 8:30 each morning and ends at 2:30 each afternoon. Early care is offered on an as-needed basis beginning at 7:30 am. Late care is available until 5:30 pm.