The Elementary program at Garden Montessori is accredited by Advanc-Ed and licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education.

Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary

The Elementary program includes two classrooms. Lower Elementary serves children in first and second grade, while Upper Elementary consists of third and fourth grade.  Two to three licensed teachers are assigned to each group. Students are taught using a combination of Montessori and other progressive, research-based methods which exceed state standards.

Specific content area curricula used in the Elementary classrooms include Everyday Math and a process-focused writing curriculum called The 6 + 1 Traits of Writing. During reading instruction, teachers provide opportunities to work with both fiction and non-fiction texts and different literary genres. Independent and small group novel studies, literature circles, research projects, and word study are all ways that students interact with text and each other to reinforce a love of reading and critical thinking about the written word.

Positive social skills are supported and taught, as students learn negotiation, problem-solving and cooperation. Both classrooms devote a portion of each day to class meetings, during which the students can share announcements, compliments, and problems to discuss with the whole class. Students practice positive social skills through dramatic role play scenarios, and take turns leading group activities.

The Elementary classrooms are designed to provide individualized attention and support for students during this time when they have a tremendous interest in acquiring new knowledge, leading to a pattern of academic and personal success.

“The coolest thing about Garden is that the teachers here are super kind and they love people.”  Julian King, UE student

Elementary Curriculum Areas

  • Math: Montessori Math (Lower Elementary), Everyday Math from the University of Chicago Mathematics Project
  • Language: Montessori Language (Lower Elementary), novel studies of recommended literature, 6 + 1 Traits of Writing
  • Sensorial: Visual, auditory and tactile perceptions (Lower Elementary)
  • Practical Life: Organization, independence, and self-esteem
  • Spanish: Beginning conversational
  • Science: Standards-based studies of Life, Physical, and Earth sciences, research and application
  • Art: Techniques, appreciation, history
  • Social Sciences: World History, American History, Geography, Government and World Cultures
  • Music: Reading music, vocal instruction, appreciation and history
  • Computer: Technologies, computer science concepts and history, and keyboard skills (Upper Elementary); keyboard and mouse skills, educational web content and games (Lower Elementary)


8:15 am until 3:00 pm with early care available at 7:30 am and late care available until 5:30 pm.